Track Construction

Great Plains Rail Contractors Inc. is the premier railroad contractor serving Hundreds of industrial and railroad customers in Canada. With our extensive variety of track related services, Great Plains Rail Line Contractors can serve all track related requirements.

Track Design and Construction

Great Plains Rail Contractors Inc. has the ability to design and build your railroad track, from initial site development to track expansions within existing sites. We can prepare drawings and specifications and perform surveying and staking for construction. We can perform drainage work, grading and construct Track and Turnouts. We also have the ability and experience to redesign your existing tracks for smoother and safer car movements as well as design new extensions or additional tracks.

Track Rehabilitation

With time rail and ties wear, track moves out of alignment and deteriorates. Great Plains Rail Line Contractors has the crews and experience to rehabilitate track.

  • Tie Change outs
  • Rail change outs
  • Track Surfacing
  • Crossing Rehabilitation

Track Maintenance

Railroad Tracks are like any piece of plant equipment they require preventative maintenance. Tracks are often overlooked until a derailment occurs causing disruption of rail service and extensive and costly repairs. Obsolete and light rail can be upgrades to accommodate the heavier and longer rail cars and locomotive of today. Great Plains Rail Line Contractors can inspect the structure of your track and determine appropriate corrections. When maintence and repairs are required we will submit a proposal to perform repairs.

  • Rebuilt Turnouts, Switch points and frogs
  • Track Inspection Service
  • Remove and Rebuild Tracks
  • Change out defective/broken rails
  • Track Surface
  • Tie Replacement
  • Switch Repair

Track Equipment

Great Plains Rail Contractors Inc. has an extensive fleet of Track equipment to handle any job. We can provide various track machines for long or short term rentals, as well as machines available for purchase.

  • Switch Tampers
  • Production Tampers
  • Ballast Regulators
  • High Rail Trucks
  • Rail Car Movers
  • Ties Cranes
  • Loaders
  • Switch Cleaners
  • Tie Changers


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